The Massapequa Park train station where thousands of commuters and many others take the LIRR daily to all of the different stations and towns all around the island. Looking down the rode you can see the rest of the town where so many people from our community spend their time visiting small business and hanging out with friends and family.

The towns of Massapequa and Massapequa Park are considered a town that everyone comes back to whether they like it or not. Many of the residence living here today either grew up here or lived here at some point or another. That’s why I would consider it to be a town that continues to stick together and continues to grow together. “I love Massapequa, I was born and raised here and my kids here as well. I think the neighborhoods are all great and I have wonderful neighbors” (Aline Bowen). This community really does stick together and many of its residents have formed unbreakable bonds over the years.

During the holiday season you can see this giant tree being lit up as a christman tree for christmas and there is also a Menorah for those who celebrate Hanukkah

One Example of the Massapequa communities sticking together was a few years back when hurricane Sandy hit our area.  It was amazing how you could really see how the community pulled together to help one another, at a time when the Massapequa families really needed it. “My favorite thing is we pull together in the best and worst of times.” (Deborah Fauci-Dardis)

MHS Ames Campus is the campus center where all of the ninth graders attend their first year of high school


It has shown numerous times that this community always sticks together whether its when one of the sports teams at the high school is on their way to winning the Long Island or State Championships or when a storm of the century rocks our area.

Just a small part of the Town of Massapequa Park you can see cabs waiting for people along with one of the most famous coffee shops in our community, the perk!

“The quant shops in the park and on broadway and the variety of restaurants are great. The school district is excellent.”- Dianne Buzanga Gallo

“I love living here because of the community spirit and how everyone helps each other both personally and professionally!”- Ann Marie Vastano Inglese